Audio is quickly becoming the primary form of long-form content.

Meucci makes sure it sounds good.

Roland Ceri

Empathetic Male

Lydia Valentina

Instructional Voice

Every audio production has to go through quality control.

10 hour books take at least

10 hours to review.

Our two-phased system solves this problem. Certified listeners give each sentence a pass or fail. Failures result in re-productions of audio.

Simultaneously, Meucci AI does the same. speeding up the process of quality control by over 70%.

Customer Testimonials

Tom Solo

"As a professional voice actor, I am excited about the possibilities that lie in licensing my voice to new markets worldwide. Especially as a brand voice the possibilities are scaling. A completely new approach to deliver their work for all voice talents."

Voice Actor

Loft Tonstudios

"Thanks to Meucci we are able to bring AI-generated audio content to our customers. In most cases it allows us to deliver faster and with even more consistent quality. In addition to work with human professionals, their SynVoices are becoming a real asset to us and our clients likewise."

Audio Post Production Network